Getting To Know Haycock Township

Haycock Township is located in Upper Bucks County. Haycock Township contains 2010 acres of State Game Lands, including Haycock Mountain, also within the Township are the 500 acre Lake Towhee County Park, and a large part of Lake Nockamixon State Park.  If you are a nature lover or sportsman who likes hiking, fishing, and hunting this may be place you want to live.  Haycock Mountain is 823 feet about sea level and is another great place to hike. Haycock is one of the most rural townships in Bucks County. It consist of wooded area, boulders, and open fields. There are streams and creeks through properties too.

The area is part of the Quakertown Community. Quakertown is approximately 8 miles away. This is where you will be going grocery shopping and find all the convenience you need. There aren't any gas stations so make sure the tank is for full before heading back to the country.  There are 4 restaurants, deli, and bars on Old Bethlehem Road.

The Ravens Nest: 625 Old Bethlehem Road
La Campanga Ristorante: 1179 W Thatcher Road (Intersection of Thatcher and Old Bethlehem)
Becker's Corner:110 Old Bethlehem Road (Corner of Old Bethlehem and Mountainview Dr Rt 563)

The Mountain Store 341 Old Bethlehem Road

If living in the country appeals to you Haycock is a great place to look. There are beautiful historically farmhouses as well as custom built homes. Homes are generous size lots with privacy.  If you are looking for a house with acreage for animals you will be able to find one here. There is also a village area called Applebachsville located on Old Bethlehem Road and Apple Road. These homes are dated back to 1840 thru early 1900's.  Brick, Stone, Front Porches, hardwood floors, and beautiful old craftsmanship.

Helpful Websites to Visit:

Haycock Township Website

Haycock Fire Department

Haycock Historical Society

Lake Nockamixon State Park

Haycock Community Center